aeromás, a brand that flies with style.

This is a style guide of the Aeromás brand.
Please read carefully and then apply the mark in the correct way.


The optical fit, the defined weight and clear space, as well as the well-delineated placement in relation to other content, help to make our logo as recognizable as possible at all sizes and in all contexts.

Main applications

These are the main applications in the use of the logo. Its wide color palette allows its versatility, adapting to every background color.


Two typeface families are used, Montserrat is the main one, used for headings and body text, while Sackers, a secondary typeface, is used for details.


The color palette allows the brand to be dynamic, as it is composed of a classic and a modern part. The blues determine these parts, while yellow is used as an accent, and white as a background.


R: 234 G: 236 B: 237 #EAECED


R: 251 G: 171 B: 24 #FBAB18

Electric Blue

R: 0 G: 72 B: 170 #0048AA

Elegant Blue

R: 21 G: 44 B: 87 #152C57


These are some of the digital assets we use in the system. This includes images for networks, such as profile pics and banners for Aeromás’ different platforms.

Profile Pics

These are the correct uses of profile pictures in Aeromás networks.


Aeromás icons are designed based on the needs of the brand and its various services.


The brandbook contains all the brand guidelines for its correct use. Throughout its pages, it specifies how the brand’s system was assembled.


Some examples of how the brand is used in different applications and formats, either digitally or in print, are shown.